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Hook Docker for Azure up to Visual Studio Team Services

(Jamescarscadden) #1

I’m interested in hooking up my docker system to Visual Studio Team Services in Azure for continuous deployment purposes. There is a task in VSTS for running docker compose tasks that can be configured to connect to a docker host using certificates and a URL as per:

Is there an accepted way to set this up with the existing docker for Azure set-up? I’m running the current template Docker CE 17.09

I could set this up just per the instructions in the document linked above, but I don’t want to break anything in terms of the existing scaling and upgrading etc.

Is there anything I can run to have this set up auto-magically? or perhaps something like this needs to be a feature request for the Azure template?

If I try to set this up myself, what would be the best way to share the generated certificates etc. between manager nodes in an automatic way (i.e. if I scale up the number of managers, what is the best way to ensure that the new manager is configured automatically to use the generated certs etc.).

THanks all

(Deep Debroy) #2

Can you see if the steps mentioned here helps with your scenario: