Creating Docker from github


I thought it would be easy to adapt a git hub repository and create my own Container with it:
Fork on github, link in docker and press build. But it just says pending. Iam confused. Also because i found tutorials where it is described like that.

Look at that thing here for example:

All i wanted to do, was to copy it, so i can change the ENV USER_ID & ENV GROUP_ID because changing it in the run command does not work. Any Ideas?

normally works like charm.
Do you know this tutorial?

Pending is okay for a while, cause it needs a free build node. And each user is just allowed to use one build node in parallel. But if you do not do parallel builds, it usually is quite fast.

I just saw that i was on cloud docker, my bad.^^

But still don’t know if it is working right now. The Build Details says “Queued” since 30 Minutes. The Tab “Dockerfile” just says Dockerfile not the actual File content. Is that normal?

the Dockerfile-Tab will be updated after a build happened.

Yes, it is working now. Thanks alot for your help. The cloud docker confused me.^^