Automated Build stuck

Hi, I just recently configured a private repository with Automated Build and also a Build Trigger (not from Git). I also configured the automated build to build 2 separate Dockerfiles in my source repo and tag them accordingly, so in theory as soon as the Build Trigger is activated, 2 builds occur concurrently and at the end each should be tagged accordingly.

This worked a couple of times I triggered the build but now on my latest attempt both builds are showing as “Pending” (instead of Cloning/Building) and both started on the same second (whereas on the previous attempt there was a second delay between them).

I’m now stuck with both builds in Pending state and can’t trigger any more builds (automatically or manually).

Is there any way to stop/cancel/timeout the builds so I can try it again? Why would it get stuck in the first place (looks like it’s not even pulling the source to find the Dockerfiles it’d need in order to build). Perhaps a race condition?

Hi Roberto,

What repository are you having trouble with?

Looks like some “magic” happened behind scenes :slight_smile: the builds are now completed, after being on hold for more than 3h…

The repo is private so not sure if you guys have visibility: