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Ctrl-p Ctrl-q does not detach

I have a new installation of Docker CE for Windows (running Windows 10). Docker is up and running, I open a PowerShell and start docker container, e.g.
docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash
I get the bash prompt:
now I try to detach using Ctrl-p+Ctrl-q but nothing happens. Or to be more precise, the focus changes from my PowerShell to another application, but I did not detach from the container. What am I missing here?

Silly me, I should have paid more attention to which application I was switching: BingDesktop.
By default BingDesktop opens it’s search dialog at Ctrl-Q. So I solved my problem simply by switching off this shortcut in the settings of BingDesktop.

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haha, same issue cdenzler. Bing desktop kept coming up. I thought maybe thats the issue but didnt shut it down. Checked online instead and found your reply!

I had the same issue to solve (Ubuntu) I just use Ctrl+Z keywords

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hello, I have the same problem and I did not find the BING configuration

Nice. Here I used Ctrl+Z and then Ctrl+C. Thanks! (Windows 10 Pro, I did not find the program that uses the Ctrl+P+Q shortcut)

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