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Deactivated account?

(On the behalf of a partner who cannot connect anymore)

To whom it may concern,

It is now my third attempt to get support concerning the unwilling deactivation of my account, neuroglia. I want to upgrade that account to PRO, or create a new PRO account, but I cannot because both my DockerId (neuroglia) and my email address have been deactivated, and cannot be reused. It has been nearly two months since the first time I contacted you, and I still do not have any kind of answer. Please help. I am a future paid customer, and I think your company is sending the worst possible signals by not even bothering to respond to users such as me, especially in this context where so many other companies offer similar services. I want, however, to work with you guys, even in regard to your absolute lack of professionalism concerning my multiple attempts to get support or directions from you. I hope this time is the right one and that I will hear from you very soon.

Best regards

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My colleague told me his account has been reactivated. Better late than never, thanks :slight_smile:

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