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How can I get support to reactivate my account on


I apologize if this is not the appropriate place for this but I am trying to get my accounts reactivated so I can complete my company’s CI/CD solution.

Let me explain what I did to mess this all up…

I created an account that was in my company’s name and used our default admin email. I later realized I wanted to setup an organization and decided to purchase the Team plan. I rushingly, clicked on Pro instead and it took me a minute to realize this… When I went to setup an organization, the name I used for my account was the name I wanted so I thought, okay… I’ll just delete the account (first serious mistake). I setup a new account with my work email then tried to create the organization that way. That didn’t work so I deleted that account too (second mistake). That was when I realized that the accounts are not deleted but disabled. I shot an email almost 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything back.

What I am trying to do:

  • I want to get both these accounts reactivated so I can log into them.
  • I want to change my Pro plan to Team
  • I need to convert my original account to the organization (this is why I need my second account working as it’s my work email)

I am unsure of who I can contact but I hope this helps. I did reply to the email for the ticket but since my email is a group email and my reply is from my email… I am not even sure if they got my messages.

Let me be clear, I am well aware this was all due to me. I do not blame anyone other than myself… I just need to get this resolved sooner than later. My deadline is approaching and I am just hoping to get this resolved ASAP.

I can provide any details needed for the appropriate person.

Thanks for your time and I apologize for this :slightly_frowning_face:

Does support even exist? I have reached out to their support email, nothing but crickets… Even here. They were fast to take my money but nothing more… Given I have no access to anything, I will be disputing the charge now. Seems like they need to improve their support model as there seems to be no support at all. This is a pretty big deal if they expect corporations to be using their services.

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