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Delete Organisation

(Richardh) #1

Hi, please delete the organisation urbanamigo from my account. Thanks.

(Qpercom) #2

I have the same request, qpesoft

(Mikefrancois) #3

Hello everyone,

Could you delete sdqsdqsdq organization please ?

Thank you,

(Erikroelofsum) #4

Hi all, could you please remove prodecis and pttheragnostic organisations for me? Thanks in advance.

(Flemcito) #5

Hi, please remove the org fsteinson from my account.

(Pudelduscher) #6

Hi, can you please remove the org justadd. Thanks

(Christophe Muller) #8

Hello, could you please delete google12 for me which was a test. Also could you tell me why I am not able to create an organization called “wyplay” for my company?
Thanks in advance.

(Discipline) #9


Could you please delete my organisation “hackney”

Thank you

(Maciej Krajewski) #10

Please also remove organization aitoncaldwell - thx!

(Orions07) #11

Hello, Please delete the organisation oslabnode and oslabphp please ?

Thank you.

(Hybridfire) #12