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Please remove my organisation


(Eugene Karanda) #1

Please remove my organisation boxdrive1. Will be nice if u add this functional on web interface.

(247factorynet) #2

Same with me. canyou please remove my organzation 247factorynetsdfgasdfg . Thanks

(Gabrielevo) #3

Can you please delete the organization “evoluservices” from my account? I accidentally created it.

(Bat79a) #4

Same. Can you please delete my ‘pfptnb’ organization ? Thx a lot.

Warning : other organizations exist with a very similar name : Don’t delete the others one ;p

(Alexis Sánchez) #5

Please could you delete this organizations in my account: dotworkers, fairplaygroup and oulala

(Javier Juarez) #6

Please could you delete these organizations from my account: fouriq and tuenti, thanks in advance

(Amsland) #7

Please could you delete my organization “amsportal” from my account. Thanks in advance.