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Deleting images does not delete layers?

(Taylor Patton) #1

Is there a way to delete layers?

Running a command to delete all images such as:
docker rmi -f $(docker images -q)

And then when I try to pull a new image, I still see this:
df22f9f3e4ec: Already exists
a3ed95caeb02: Already exists
5e5fd0e057f3: Already exists
eb31a542cbe5: Already exists
9c488ceeadcd: Already exists
c62cabaa5c1d: Already exists
6a8ef0f231fa: Already exists
f4d253d8bc70: Already exists
8ce9577f69d4: Already exists
af407e3dcf72: Already exists
203aebca7b2d: Already exists
48d88af20102: Pull complete

Why do all of those layers say “Already exists” and is there a way to remove them and force a re-download?

(Implementor) #2

I have the same question. Did you resolve it yourself?
Thanks, m a r t i n

(Implementor) #3

I ended up doing a: docker system prune -a -f, but that was pretty radical, it erased other apps I had installed, but it allowed me to reinstall my qiime2 app.