Delivery of single images to remote, isolated repositories

Dear All,

We would like to create such SW delivery environment for our SW, where we have an own private Docker registry in our internal development environment, customers have their own private Docker repositories in their own environments, and the two environments are separated. I.e. it is not possible to simply push an updated image to the customer’s registry.
Also it is not possible to run “docker build” at customer, we have to deliver ready made images.
What we would like to achieve: if we build an image in our internal development environment, it can be delivered to the customer on an “offline” way, e.g. we upload it to our well known customer portal, and customer can download the image at her own will.
As I understand, it is possible via the usage of “docker save -o…” on our side, and then delivering the result to the customer, where it can be loaded to their registry with “docker load”. Please confirm my understanding.

Also we would like to achieve, if a container is built up from several images (“layers”), then we can deliver container updates so, that only the affected image (layer), and of course the images (layers) above is/are delivered. I.e. I would like to avoid the delivery of the full container. Please confirm, that it is possible for example on the above mentioned “docker save”, “docker load” way.

Thank you!

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Laszlo Janosi

Correct, you can use docker save and docker load in this way.

The tar file made using docker load will contain all the parent layers, but you can make a custom tar file that contains only the ones you want to ship (carefully modifying the repositories file to suit.


Thank you! It is clear now.