Dependence of OS's version between host and images

Hello, I have a doubt: I use ubuntu 16.04 LTS (desktop) as host OS in my PC, ¿may I use a image with different version of OS (for example, Oracle XE for ubuntu 14.04) for create a container and use it without problems? or ¿Do I must to use a image with the same version of host OS?.


Hi, you can use other OS in your image.
We are still using an old ubuntu 14 image with old version of php running on a 16.04 node with a recent docker version

You only need to create a dockerfile starting with the base image

FROM ubuntu:14.04


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Hi, I have one question about the answer: this means that may I an image with a OS different than host OS? (for instance, I use ubuntu server 16.04 as host and I can use an image of oracle database xe with oracle linux). Thanks for replying.

Hi, yes you can use a Oracle image on a ubuntu server node or viceversa.