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Dependence of OS's version between host and images

(Ceob) #1

Hello, I have a doubt: I use ubuntu 16.04 LTS (desktop) as host OS in my PC, ¿may I use a image with different version of OS (for example, Oracle XE for ubuntu 14.04) for create a container and use it without problems? or ¿Do I must to use a image with the same version of host OS?.


(Eldeberde) #2

Hi, you can use other OS in your image.
We are still using an old ubuntu 14 image with old version of php running on a 16.04 node with a recent docker version

You only need to create a dockerfile starting with the base image

FROM ubuntu:14.04


(Ceob) #3

Hi, I have one question about the answer: this means that may I an image with a OS different than host OS? (for instance, I use ubuntu server 16.04 as host and I can use an image of oracle database xe with oracle linux). Thanks for replying.

(Eldeberde) #4

Hi, yes you can use a Oracle image on a ubuntu server node or viceversa.