Deploy a Node With Docker

I am a layman and I need help (step by step) how to deploy node.
I already have it installed and I have 2 nodes, now I need to add a third one and all I have is this information
provided image - Docker Pull Command
docker pull mantlenetworkio/l2geth

If you want to deploy multi-node Docker cluster, use Docker Swarm.
Refer: Create a swarm | Docker Documentation

Once you have setup multi-node Docker Swarm cluster, then you can deploy the container using docker service create. Do refer the docker documentation.

@iwonamaz Please provide enough context that someone who doesn’t know Mantle understands what you mean by “how to deploy node” and “I have 2 nodes, now I need to add a third”, and how all of this relates to the docker pull command you shared.

No one has all the information you have in your head, until you start sharing it with us.

On first sight this appears to be a functional question about how Mantle is used. As such I guess a Mantle related support forum will more likely have users that can answer how to use Mantle with docker, than a docker support forum where most people not even heard about Mantle.