Did Docker limit pull size for free account?

I have been trying to pull certain images from the Hub, such as cp-schema-registry or flink. I have tried the pull with many images after, but the pull always ended up Waiting/Retrying in… for 1 layer that is probably over 1GB. I was able to successfully pulled a smaller image of around 500MB.

To answer the question in the title, no it is very unlikely, but there could be some kind of timeout. I tried both images. The first I tried logged in, then I logged out and pulled flink without any problem. So it could be a network issue between you and the server or just a temporary issue on Docker Hub.

As I said above, I was able to download images below 1GB. Anything else that is above 1GB in one layer give me a Waiting/Retry in xxx second and finally handshake timeout after a while. To be specifics, I was able to pull other layers but got stuck at any layers that is bigger than 1GB. Do you know any other ways to download image on Windows without docker pull? Or a way to split the big layers into multiple smaller layers.

I know, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be something in the network that prevents you from downloading large files. If it were Docker Hub, I would have had the same problem when I was not logged in. A firewall for example could block large files If you have any proxy, filewal in your network that you know about, you could check the logs or ask someone to do that.

It means the docker client could not establish HTTPS connection. I don’t know why it would happen with only one layer. Maybe because that is stored on a different server somehow.

I’m not really good at networking especially not remotely without being able to investigate myself, but I believe you should lok for the issue in your network or Docker Desktop. Make sure you have an uptodate Docker Desktop. I tried on macOS so I don’t know if there is an issue on Windows or not.

No, but even though you experience the issue with big layers, I’m not even sure the size is the main issue. since it is the TLS connection that doesn’t work.

If you have an other server, you can download the image there, use docker save to save the image to a tar file and move it to your machine, than load it using docker load