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Docker pull of a large layer from Docker Hub is very slow

(Ysokolov) #1

Hi, we’re struggling with a very slow pull of official openjdk image (from Docker Hub) (after initial pull of a few megabytes download speed starts to be very slow ~16kbps). It appears it gets stuck on a layer that is 130M in size.

Is there a way to speed it up?


(Jeff Anderson) #2

The Docker Hub stores all its images in Amazon S3 and makes them available via cloudfront. Do you see similar speed issues when interacting with other amazon-backed services?

(Ysokolov) #3

Resolved using the following advice found on

“The issue turned out to be the default network adapter provided by VirtualBox for the boot2docker guest (provisioned by docker-machine and Kitematic). Changing the network adapter type to ‘PCnet-FAST III’ made a huge improvement in performance (by default the type was ‘Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop’).”