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Directory empty after running docker

Good morning all,
I have a problem mounting volumes. Indeed, I use Docker under windows10 with WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04).
In my docker-composer.yml file, I specified these lines.

>   MyManager:
>         container_name: MyManager
>         image: mymanager
>         ports:
>           - "8094:8094"
>           - "9000:9000"
>         working_dir: "/var/www/MyManager"
>         volumes:
>           - ../..:/var/www/MyManager
>           - ../../../Booking:/var/www/Booking

My problem is when I run docker run mymanager the /var/www/ folder which is in my linux (wsl2) is empty. and yet in the terminal of PHPStorm, I see generated files. and i got in the log:

“DocumentRoot [/var/www/xxx/web] does not exist”

Have you ever had this problem or do you know where it can come from?

I spent all day researching my problem.
PS: I’m new to using docker