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Disabling Hyper-V before running Docker

Is it possible to disable Hyper-V before running Docker ? Will Docker still run with Hyper-V disabled on Windows 10 Pro ?

Short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on what you want to do. You can disable Hyper-V and install Docker Desktop with the WSL2 backend to run Linux containers. If you don’t want to install WSL2 or you want to run Windows containers, you need HyperV at least until you install Docker Desktop. Then I think you could disable HyperV but I am not sure. Even if you could, you probably could not start Docker Desktop anymore which requires either HyperV or WSL2. If you don’t really need the Desktop, you can try to create your own Windows service using the docker.exe from Docker Desktop and start your cutom Windows service instead of Docker Desktop.

If you want to be able to use every image created for Windows, you need HyperV again since not every image is compatible with your Windows host to use process isolation.

I tried a similar setup in the past but I installed Docker Desktop with the WSL2 backend to run Linux containers so I could create my Windows service to start Docker for Windows containers with process isolation.

Ok, so we’ve been instructed to Disable WSL2 for our Docker Desktop. So I disabled it.

But the last time I ran Docker Desktop which enabled Hyper-V it crashed my Virtual Box vdi file and I had to re-install Ubuntu after disabling Hyper-V and uninstalling Docker. But now we are switching to Docker for running our Django project.