DNS issue between containers in the same network

Since this morning I am trying to deploy a new version of my service in Docker Cloud, but for some reason it just stop working, and looking at the logs the issue is because cannot connect to kafka and redis that bolth are containers, even the redis one is running at the same node.

I have no ideia why it’s happening, it looks like a docker network issue in Docker Cloud


It affected us, too.

Seems this is related to Linked containers cannot connect

And it is still broken :frowning:

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We are also facing that problem. DNS does not work anymore. Hosts in the same stack file can’t find each other anymore.

Caught same problems after redeploy.

I use RABBIT_PORT_5672_TCP_ADDR Docker Cloud variables as workaround to access services. Hope issue with DNS will be fixed soon

Hi, folks,

There’s an ongoing issue as of this writing resulting in a partial service disruption. The disruption is causing DNS failures, and affects newly deployed services or nodes in Docker Cloud. The team is working to resolve the issue.

Please check https://status.docker.com/ for the latest status.


I’m facing this problem too, hope this will be fixed ASAP.

Hey, it has been over 5 hours since your post, Bryce. Any idea on an ETA?

Do you know of a workaround we can implement in the mean time?

It seems to be back up now!

Yup. It is. I just verified it with my containers too.

We are still experiencing the issue with DNS in production. Very disruptive. Any ETAs on when this is going to be fixed?

This was fixed until this morning, but we are seeing DNS issues again now. Affecting previously existing containers.

It hits us again. But it is intermittent right now. Every ~5 minutes DNS names stop to resolve but then it works again.

Indeed, on 22 Dec we still experienced intermittent internal DNS troubles.
By the moment name resolution seems stabilized and working well - the same for everybody?