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DNS/VPN Support Broke in 1.13

With my VPN client – Pulse VPN ( – previous versions of Docker for Mac “just worked” with my VPN. Pulse writes its DNS config to /etc/resolv.conf and Docker for Mac seemed to respect that.

It looks like with 1.13, Docker for Mac is now not respecting that file; instead looking at Mac network system preference settings? Pulse VPN does not show up as a network under system preferences.

I’m downgrading for now but would love to hear other options / more details on the DNS/VPN changes in this version.


I am also experiencing the same issue with openvpn. Is there documentation somewhere that explains the way it works now?

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Maybe this issue ?

Yup. And it appears fixed in 1.13.1 for me.

Spoke too soon; something is still broken. Not sure how it was working before but it’s not longer looking at DNS search.