Do I need to unistall mysql and phpmyadmin

Hi I am very confused I am using php with IIS and Xamp, for wordpress websites so I have already mysql and phpmyadmin on my machine, I want to start using docker, but I am confused if I need to remove mysql phpmyadmin to install it with docker, or docker install a completly different version of those?

I believe with docker I can then have the whole enviroment and send a copy to someone else to run exact same version of wordpress with phpmyadmin mysql as mine on his machine.

To address the title of the topic: You don’t need to uninstall mysql and phpmyadmin.

But if you want other to be able to re-create your stack easily, it makes it way easier to have everything running in containers and to have a compose file that contains the configuration for those containers. You could push your compose file (and files you want to map into the containers) in a git repo and then just share the repo with others.

But you could also run your application in the container and configure it to use the msql database on the host and keep on using phpmyadmin on the host. It really depends on your needs and is by no means restricted by docker.