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Do we need to create a new VM when initializing a swarm using linux containers in Docker for Windows?


(Ebello) #1


So I’m trying to set up a swarm using Docker for Windows. What I’ve noticed is that I can’t get to connect to the swarm I initialized when I choose to use Linux containers (for the manager machine). However, when I choose Windows containers (for the manager machine), I can easily connect to the swarm.

All the tutorials I’ve found always set up new virtual machines for their swarms but I thought that was just because they want to show it all (init and join) in one desktop. I never thought that you are actually required to create a new vm for when initializing swarms using linux containers. And I haven’t seen any documentation stating that. So…here I am…asking.


  1. Install Docker for Windows on two machines (both machines chose the option to use Linux containers)
  2. Machine 1 - ‘docker swarm init --advertise-addr <local_ip_of_machine1>’
  3. Machine 2 - ‘docker swarm join --token <local_ip_of_machine1>:2377’


  1. Timeout was reached


  1. Firewall disabled
  2. Can connect when machines choose the option to use Windows containers