Docker 1.10.2, CentOS 7 and SELinux

I upgraded my docker from the EPEL version (1.8.2) to the docker repo version (1.10.2) in order to take advantage of the new networking features.

The problem I’m having now is that all the docker containers seem to be running in the ‘spc_t’ context instead of an appropriate ‘svirt_t’ related context. The mode settings on volumes for ‘z’ or ‘Z’ also seem to have no effect either (i.e. they do not relabel the volume).

Is this a known issue, or do I need to explicitly enable SELinux support?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Well I feel dumb.

When I upgraded docker, it removed my docker daemon configs in /etc/sysconfig one of which explicitly enables SELinux with --enable-selinux=true

So there you go, you have to explicitly enable SELinux for docker daemon.