Docker 1.12 Swarm Mode Overlay Networking

I’m currently running a small Swarm with 3 nodes, one manager and two workers. So far I have a service running with no issues but I need to move onto the next phase of my project; overlay networking. Now while I am familiar with VXLANs (Cisco ACI Certified) I am struggling with trying to get something setup in my swarm.

I have a need to have all the containers of a swarm only have traffic come back through the manager node, and I was thinking of configuring a VXLAN between the nodes and use the manager as the VTEP but not sure how to set that up or if it’s even possible.

Now I know the pro’s and con’s of having everything come back through the manager node, bandwidth, latency, SPOF, etc, but at this time it’s a proof-of-concept only and nothing in production.