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Overlay networks in swarm

I have created a swarm with one manager and to workers as described in tutorial.

docker@manager1:~/aas$ docker node ls
0crso9hthz05rk945gwnga12x    worker1   Ready   Active        
0z5i99qjfc8qkeyd6unqls744 *  manager1  Ready   Active        Leader
7omv3ow9rwybffb14r5qe1wso    worker2   Ready   Active

But when I create overlay network and then view the list of networks I cannot see node names as shown in examples:

$ docker network ls
NETWORK ID          NAME                   DRIVER
3dd50db9706d        node-0/host            host
09138343e80e        node-0/bridge          bridge
8834dbd552e5        node-0/none            null
42131321acab        node-0/swarm_network   overlay
45782acfe427        node-1/host            host
8926accb25fd        node-1/bridge          bridge
6382abccd23d        node-1/none            null
42131321acab        node-1/swarm_network   overlay

In my case the list of networks looks like:

docker@manager1:~/aas$ docker network create test_net -d overlay
docker@manager1:~/aas$ docker network ls
NETWORK ID          NAME                DRIVER              SCOPE
369368385ab8        bridge              bridge              local               
e2146c813e92        docker_gwbridge     bridge              local               
eaf97b8368ea        host                host                local               
dqt2rw4rz1jt        ingress             overlay             swarm               
65cc2b3321b9        none                null                local               
bjofsth6vu1s        test_net            overlay             swarm

And workers do not see created overlay network
What I’m doing incorrect?