Docker for Desktop will not open - even after restarting my computer

I have downloaded and installed Docker today version When installing, I selected the ‘Enable Required Windows Features’.

When I try to open Docker, it does not open. Does anyone know if I am missing any configurations?

Thank you.

Did you receive any error message?

No error message. I tried again and now I was able to open Docker by clicking on the white Docker icon on the bottom right of my Windows 10 computer. I right clicked this icon and clicked Settings, but now it is taking ages to load. It has been over 1.5hours and it is still loading.

Try to check the resource setting, it looks like it’s eating a lot of your RAM, try to check your task manager to confirm the RAM usage. I experienced that same issue when I installed it on my Windows Pc


Try adjusting the settings of the docker resources see if it will fix the issue.

I restarted the PC several times and I was able to progress with the Docker Settings. Docker is now running.

Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

Great! You’re welcome! enjoy docker ! :slight_smile:

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