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Docker always fails to start and throws System.InvalidOperationException (furst time usign Docker, never used it)

I am completely new to Docker and I am going to start studying it as soon as I can fix the error that doesn’t allow me to use it and shows the message: Docker Engine failed to start…

Expected behavior

When opening Docker, it should actually run

Actual behavior

Error occur and Docker message is Docker Engine failed to start…


  • Docker for Windows Version: Docker Desktop 4.1.1 (69879)
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Edition: Home
  • Version: 10.0.19042
  • Build: 19042
  • Microsoft.NET Framework is updated to the last version: 4.8

Steps to reproduce the behaviour

  1. just open the docker app

Every time I open the app this error occurs:

How can I fix this?