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Docker and GlusterFS

(Tibmeister) #1

Ok so running into a little bit of a conundrum that hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. What I have is a Docker Swarm (swarm mode) with 2 masters and 4 workers. All 6 nodes I want to have a glister-server running and presenting a volume, which that part I’ve got going. The part I’m having a conundrum with is that I want to consume the cluster volume natively in the containers using cluster-client.
Now running as individual containers with ‘–privileged’ works; I can mount the volume and do what I need. My end-goal is to have a service running on the swarm where the containers can mount and interact with the cluster volume inside the container using the cluster client, but ‘docker service create’ does not have provision for privileged mode.
So, there’s my conundrum, how to have the distributed persistence of GlusterFS, and be able to natively run them inside a Docker container, in my case CentOS 7 is the image the containers are based on but some may be Ubuntu.

(Sujaypillai) #2

Hello Tibmeister,

Did you get this working in Docker swarm mode (specially with docker 1.13 using docker stack deploy)?


(Archimedes Trajano) #3

I think there’s a GlusterFS volume plugin but it requires GlusterFS to be available outside your stack.

I’m trying to see if there is anyway of doing this within the stack and avoid privileged