GlusterFS Storage Issue on Docker Swarm

I have 3 Ubuntu VMs on which Docker Swarm is installed. VMs have two storage (one for OS & another one for docker mounts)

The docker mount storage is a replicated GlusterFS Volume mount at /mnt/

It works perfectly fine in most of the scenarios, until and unless the container is dependent on Volumes.

For example

- odoo_data:/var/lib/odoo


- /mnt/odoo_data:/var/lib/odoo:Z

The above solution worked for me in few of the containers (uptime-kuma, dashy, etc) but it is not working in many like Gitlab, Odoo, Jenkin.

I get basically permission errors for example -

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/var/lib/odoo/.local’ - - -

So if i have a GlusterFS Storage where i want the data to be stored of containers and volumes, what is the best approach, am i missing something here?

Please help!