Docker and Kubernetes in Networking

Hello Everyone, Can anyone know which one is better docker or kubernetes from networking point of view. As my knowledge, Kubernetes follows a flat networking model. Therefore, all pods are allowed to interact with one another. How the interaction amongst pods will happen is specified by network policies and it is flat networking model in Kubernetes that requires two CIDRs But I am confused in docker networking in cloud computing. Can anyone know about this comparison? Please suggest some tips.

Kubernetes takes containerization technology, as described above, and turns it up to 11. It allows us to run containers across multiple compute nodes (these can be VMs or a bare-metal servers). Once Kubernetes takes control over a cluster of nodes, containers can then spun up or torn down depending upon our need at any given time.

There are two ways of looking at Docker. The first approach involves seeing Docker containers as really lightweight virtual machines, while the second approach is to see Docker as a software packaging and delivery platform. This latter approach has proven a lot more helpful to human developers and resulted in widespread adoption of the technology.

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