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Node Support in Docker and Kubernetes

Hello All, I am working on a development project and I want to know who supports more nodes between Kubernetes and Docker. when I was searching to find the main differences and According to this reference Kubernetes can support more than 5000 nodes. Is it right? and can anyone know about docker?

I could only find this rather old blogpost in this regards: Scale Testing Docker Swarm to 30,000 Containers - Docker Blog

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Thanks @meyay It is very helpful. Can you tell me, who will be more trending for next 5 years between docker and kubernetes?

I assume when you write “docker” you mean the build-in swarm mode.

I can tell from experience that the majority of enterprise and gov entities do not even consider swarm when they draft their container strategies. It is almost ike 2 or 3 years ago all of them aggreed that kubernetes is the way to go. I am not sure if the question “what will be trending” still applies, as things seem to be settled already. The question was relevant 3-4 years ago :slight_smile:

Typicaly the questions boils down to which kubernetes distribution to use, and how to ensure safe operation ( and where to find skilled staff to do so). None of the entities I came accros just used a single cluster, most of them have multiple clusters per project or department to fullfill complience and/or security constraints.