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Docker and netapp storage

(Wheestermans) #1

I’m new in Docker and looking how we best introduce it inside our company. We have a lot of data on netapp storage.

I’m aware of -v option to create volumes inside a container. Works nicely…

What is need to have a netapp storage available as volume in ontainer? Do I always need to first mount it on the host, and then added with -v or is there some other way without the mount on the host?


(Ncux) #2

check this out:

you can use something like netshare plugin to mount volumes from nfs

(Wheestermans) #3


we are now checking the plugin

sudo /opt/docker-volume-netshare_0.10_linux_386/docker-volume-netshare nfs –v 3 --verbose


(Innergy) #4

And in case you’re still investigating this or other people stumble across this post later, here’s the actual NetApp plugin:

Love to hear any feedback you might have.