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Docker and postgres 10, 11, 12, 13 none starts (Synology)

I am using two different Synology servers, DS157+ (16GB ram) and DS918+ (4GB ram), both react in exa tly the same way.
DSM version is the latest. on DS1517 the Docker is running Synology’s own docviewer software.

Reason for installation:
I am trying to install Odoo 13 which according to this instruction should be straight forward:

However, I fail to get the postgresql started. It starts running but stops in 20 seconds. I have tried just adding a blank container and with the variables in the article.

It is done from the GUI Docker in Synology

What is wrong and why does the postgresql not start?

Since your nas is and arm box, are you sure you’re using the arm version of the postgres image ?
Beside, the log of the images would be useful to help you debug your issue