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Docker AWS Docker Datacenter CloudFormation quick start ucp nodes are failing ELB healthcheck


(Doug Toppin) #1

I am following the Docker Datacenter for AWS quick start ( and having a problem with the ELB.

It does not see any healthy nodes (it is using ping to tcp 80).

The docker version it is using is 1.11.2-cs5.

Is tcp:80 not the correct thing to do for a health check?

(Nicolaka) #2

@dougtoppin this is expected because nothing is running on these nodes. This is a placeholder ELB healthcheck. Once you run your application you can alter the healthcheck as needed. If you like you can deploy nginx/interlock ( a tool to dynamically register application containers) using the following either from cli or from UCP UI. If you deploy it on the UCP nodes then ELB healthchecks would work automatically and you can access your applications.

(Doug Toppin) #3

tks, from the quickstart instructions I thought that it would stand up something complete and ready to go so I thought that I had done something wrong somewhere.
I don’t think that there is any mention of having to run a container to satisfy the ELB health check in the document.