Docker backup without commit and compression

I formatted and reinstalled my existing server.
However, the commit and Docker image have not been compressed separately, and the var/lib/docker folder exists.
I am trying to install Docker on a new system and delete and overwrite the var/lib/docker folder among the installed components.

Are there any problems with this method?
Also, are there any elements that need to be modified to normalize the Docker service?


Im not 100% sure what you mean, you mention that you reinstalled the server, but the /var/lib/docker folder exists?

Can you please try and explain in greater detail what you’re trying to do? :slight_smile:


Only the /var/lib/docker folder has been backed up. It was not previously compressed with commit and tar.
Thank you

That backup will most likely be unusable. It might work if you actually managed to create a consistent backup, which requires the docker demon to be stopped when the backup is created. Even then I wouldn’t be sure if this really works.

The clean approach is to back up the content of the volumes, and then re-create everything using your compose files.

If you are trying to reinstall docker on new system and intent to use the docker image from the previous collection, there are few consideration to take care like file permission, Docker version, compatibility with system.