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Docker based network router with NAS, LAMP

I have my own linux network router which I use to route my home’s traffic to the internet (just cable ethernet router, no wifi, the server has 2 physical network interfaces - WAN and LAN). Additionally I use the same server as a NAS share (smb, nfs) and a LAMP server. The server runs Ubuntu Server operating system.
I was thinking about possibility to build a docker container with that functionality - so in case my HW will fail, I can simply take the container and deploy it on the new HW.
Is my intention feasible? Should I invest time into it or is this completely out of the docker idea/docker possibilities?

OK, I will reply to myself :slight_smile:
I started to play a bit with the docker ant its networking and during these tests I simply realized I did not understand the docker enough when I was planning to use it for the purpose I described. So basically I will go on with learning more about it and I will see if this technology will be suitable for my needs or not.

Is this problem is still occurring in PCs I think this is now became outdated.

I have found IP Login details please check it and let me know.