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Docker Becomes Unresponsive (Requires Reinstall to Fix)

(Spencer) #1

Hi! So I’ve been using Docker for a while now. I run it on multiple dedicated servers, each of which runs several hundred containers simultaneously. As far as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth usage is concerned, it’s all totally okay! The problems is when changes need to be made to a file, the container is killed and restarted. Since about 300 containers could be running at once, many containers will be killed and started up throughout the day. The more containers that are killed, the slower docker becomes. It gets to a point in the day where it is entirely unresponsive and won’t even kill/create a new container. At that point I have to reinstall docker completely in order to get things running again. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thank you!

(NOTE: I am running the latest version of Docker on Ubuntu. If you want specific versions and such, I can post those as well)

Lxc-docker-1.5.0 is very slow