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Lxc-docker-1.5.0 is very slow

(Gaurang Vyas) #1

Upgraded to 1.5.0 on ubuntu from 1.4.1.

sudo docker ps -a // Takes much time and waited for ten to fifteen minutes.

None of the docker started.

Reverted back to 1.4.1 and within 1.5 minutes all the 50 container started.

some info may be help full to take a look.

sudo ls -al /var/lib/docker/containers |wc -l

sudo ls -al /var/lib/docker/graph |wc -l

sudo ls -al /var/lib/docker/volumes |wc -l

In one system I have cleanup ( sudo rm -Rf /var/lib/docker/) and reinstalled docker 1.5.0, it was working fine.

Seems like too many volumes or container makes the problem.

Is there anyway to cleanup redundant data ??

The post

seems similar to my issue.