Docker Beginner: Can't reduce RAM of Hyper-V VM. It always resets to 2048MB


I just stumbled upon docker. Although I heared of it before, I never actually used it. Now I have to (one project I inherited relies on it) and I am feeling bad that I did not get started sooner. It is insanely great!

I just about watched a few videos on Pluralsight and think I have a basic understanding.

SInce I am not going to need very many containers and the RAM on my DEV machine is limited, I wanted to reduce the initially allocated 2048MB of RAM for the HyperV virtual machine.
First I tried to change it using the slider in the Docker settigns (task bar icon -> settings).
Docker restarts, but it retains 2048MB of RAM.

Next try was to shut down the VM using Hyper-V Manager and then change the settings there.
Same outcome: As soon as I start Docker again, it is back to 2048MB.

Is there any trick to it?