Docker update bug and questions about Windows HyperV

I just updated 2 of my machines, both running Docker Desktop on Windows. On both machines I encountered this bug:

After updating, my Hyper-V VM was gone… When I right clicked on Docker the option “Switch to Linux Containers” showed. My Windows containers were running fine and I could see them in Docker dashboard.

But I didn’t know where my VM had gone so I decided to click “Switch to Linux Containers”… then my VM appeared. But the menu still said “Switch to Linux Containers”. So somehow in the upgrade it seems to have actually switched to using Linux containers, but the menu still remembered it was using Windows Containers.

Q: How were my Windows containers running when there was no VM in HyperV for Docker?

Q: How does Docker share resources (CPU & RAM) between containers?

Q: When Docker removes the HyperV VM and recreates it each time - it resets the VM resources back to some lame 2gb ram and 2 processors. Is it possible to tell Docker to recreate the VM with 20 cores and 32gb of RAM each time?