Docker behind proxy server

Hi, I am running Docker with Docker Compose in AWS EC2 instance with Amazon Linux 2.

Everything was running fine until I was requested to move EC2 instance behind company proxy.

Now I cannot “docker login” it returns “forbidden”.

Due to strict security policy, our admins are requesting exact URL which they need to allow on Proxy to allow docker to communicate through internet.

for now they allowed " * " but I still cannot authenticate and pull images from repository.

Do you know which URLs needs to be allowed on Proxy so that Docker will work normally?

I need to be able to do “docker login” and download images (which I assume are located in:

The administrators of the proxy could check the llogs and see the rejected requests. This is how I created my proxy configuration, but in that case I was the administrator of the proxy. If you are not, you can run a proxy locally temporarily and configure Docker to use that. is indeed the hostname of the registry, but there are some redirection for different images. I am not up to date regarding those redirection since I don’t use proxies recently, but if I remember correctly, there were some Azure URLs as well.

Hi! it sounds like you’re running into some issues with your Docker setup behind a company proxy. I can understand how that can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to work with a strict security policy in place.
The “docker login” command uses the Docker Hub API to authenticate with the registry, so you hve to make sure your proxy is allowing traffic to that program. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re running into issues with your proxy, you may want to explore using best proxies for SEO as an alternative solution. Good luck!