Docker bitnami pgpool not working , when failover occurs

I am using the Docker bitnami pgpool for replication and failover with postgresql rpmgr images.
I have 3 nodes. 1 manager node and two worker node . Primary database of postgresql rpmgr run on one worker node . sencondary database of postgresql rpmgr run on another worker node. pgpool is running on the manager node . I am setting the docker node label option for that . Now the Replication is working fine . but when the primary database Pc goes down , the secondary database becomes as primary . but at this time pgpool not running .
I am checking Docker info command on each PC.
Two PC have the same kernel version in the docker info and one PC have different kernel version.
this Issue related to this kernel version ?

The above Problem is resolved with Internet connection.
Without Internet connection , It is not working…

The above Issue is resolved by me. I am just changed the DNS Settings.
Now It is working fine. I have updated the DNS Server IP address of Local DNS Server instead of External DNS Server IP.
the Issue is resolved now. Thank you…

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