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Docker can't push from windows to remote private registry

I’m trying to do a push to my remote private registry, but it fails every time.

I can do a pull, no problem.

I logged in to the registry, although I don’t think I needed to (didn’t for pulls)…

I can push to the registry from other linux machines.

I’ve configured an entry on my workstation for the remote registry as insecure.

I can see from the logging in the registry container that I’m communicating, but there are no errors or warnings beyond the blob unknown error which is normal for a new repository. Plenty of msg=info entries, but nothing informative.

It’s an insecure registry, I’ve set that into my windows config.

I’m using Docker-Client/17.09.0-ce (windows)) on my workstation and docker v1.12.3 on the server. There is a proxy, it doesn’t seem to hurt the pull though.

How can I work out what the problem is?

Here’s the output (with debug on):

$ docker -D push
The push refers to a repository []
ddac59ff496f: Preparing
dff756936416: Preparing
c54b65edfaea: Preparing
63c39cd4a775: Preparing
350d50e58b6c: Preparing
cec7521cdf36: Preparing
cec7521cdf36: Waiting
c54b65edfaea: Retrying in 5 seconds
63c39cd4a775: Retrying in 1 second

Is there any more info I can provide? :eyes:

Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m running into the same problem, able to connect and push to the docker registry without problems from an Ubuntu 19.04 host, but unable to access the registry from windows using Docker Desktop.

Version (31259)
Channel: stable
Build: 8858db3

No, sorry. I gave up with Windows. You could try running it in the new Windows embedded linux shell - maybe that’ll run the linux docker programs.

The linux shell just interfaces with the docker desktop installation and it seems like it is something to do with the network setup within docker.
I’ve switched to an ubuntu host to build and push the images, but will still like to get some closure on why this is not working.