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Docker can't push from windows to remote private registry


(Ahardy42) #1

I’m trying to do a push to my remote private registry, but it fails every time.

I can do a pull, no problem.

I logged in to the registry, although I don’t think I needed to (didn’t for pulls)…

I can push to the registry from other linux machines.

I’ve configured an entry on my workstation for the remote registry as insecure.

I can see from the logging in the registry container that I’m communicating, but there are no errors or warnings beyond the blob unknown error which is normal for a new repository. Plenty of msg=info entries, but nothing informative.

It’s an insecure registry, I’ve set that into my windows config.

I’m using Docker-Client/17.09.0-ce (windows)) on my workstation and docker v1.12.3 on the server. There is a proxy, it doesn’t seem to hurt the pull though.

How can I work out what the problem is?

Here’s the output (with debug on):

$ docker -D push
The push refers to a repository []
ddac59ff496f: Preparing
dff756936416: Preparing
c54b65edfaea: Preparing
63c39cd4a775: Preparing
350d50e58b6c: Preparing
cec7521cdf36: Preparing
cec7521cdf36: Waiting
c54b65edfaea: Retrying in 5 seconds
63c39cd4a775: Retrying in 1 second

(Ahardy42) #2

Is there any more info I can provide? :eyes: