Can't connect to my own registry from Windows

Hello Everyone,

At my company there is a docker registy running on one of our linux(ubuntu) servers. One of my colleague has created it. It working well. We can pull/push docker images to/from it to another ubuntu linux.
After it on another pc with MS Windows 7 I installed a docker toolbox for windows (it installed everything, virualbox, etc.). It works well. I can pull images from the public registry and I can run them.

I would like to use our private docker registry but I can’t. I don’t know how to do that.
Where can I change or set our private docker registry.
How can I do this?
I can’t find the docker config file too.

I need a permanent solution.

Please help! :smile:

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With private registries, you simply include the name of the registry as part of the image name:

docker run

As long as the registry is running a trusted SSL certificate, there are no other steps to get it working.



Thank you. I will try this.
$ docker run registry_name:5000/cassandra:1.0
Unable to find image ‘registry_name:5000/cassandra:1.0’ locally
Error response from daemon: unable to ping registry endpoint…

From linux it’s working…
What is the problem?

I have to install the cert in Windows?


Hello Jeff,

I’ve checked , the cert is not Trusted ssl certificate.
You’ve mentioned that if it’s not trusted there are further steps to make.
What are these steps?

Thank you very much :smile:

Hello Jeff!
please help ! :slight_smile:


These instructions talk about getting your certificate to be trusted by your client daemons:

It applies both to the open source registry and DTR even though it is part of the DTR docs.