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Docker cause MAC OS crash when using with Bluestack

(Khuyennguyen) #1

Expected behavior

Docker and bluestack should live together :smiley:

Actual behavior

You only can use one of them


docker diagnostic ID : D76A3C1E-5831-4B3B-9748-A3C6007483BD
OSX 10.11.6

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install Bluestack, don’t need to start it, just install
  2. Install Docker beta for Mac, then start it (don’t need to run any container)
  3. Start Bluestack, Bluestack will show error and cannot start
  4. Quit Docker, then start Bluestack, Bluestack can start successfully
  5. Stop Bluestack, then start docker -> MAC OS will crash and restart

(Patrickdrusk) #2

FWIW, I am now running both concurrently with no issues under this configuration:
macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)
Docker for Mac 17.12.0-ce-mac55 (23011)
BlueStacks 2.0.0 (10)