Latest version of Docker Desktop Macos very unstable

I’m experiencing a lot of issues with Docker Desktop Macos recently.

Docker-compose creates containers but does not start them (not because of a configuration issue : the same docker-compose.yaml file led to a normal behavior a while before).

When I’m trying to restart docker, docker get stuck in “is stopping” mode, for hours. I have to quit docker desktop, re-open it, and then it gets back in stopping mode, but then proceeds to starting and eventually running mode.

Yesterday I even tried to reset to factory defaults. But the problem persists.

Docker desktop version is 4.16.1
Docker engine is Engine: 20.10.22
Docker compose is Compose: v2.15.1

Anyone else having similar issues?

It works perfectly on my macOS Ventura 13.1. What is your Mac version? Do you have Docker Desktop extensions? When it can’t stop, do you have running containers?

Monterey 12.3.1.
No extensions.
No, I have nothing running. Only containers “created” but not starting actually.

If you have no containers, no extensions and something went wrong during the upgrade, you can try to reinstall: Uninstalling Docker Desktop properly on macOS - YouTube but make sure you don’t have important data on volumes for example. Note that the video can’t show you an exact solution just a method to find out what you need to remove to start a completely new installation. If it doesn’t help, than the only difference between our Desktops is that I have a newer macOS. And maybe a different architecture? Mine has an M1 chip (arm).

Unfortunately I can’t give you a better solution. If nothing helps, you can report it on GitHub