Docker client upgrade

I am using docker toolbox 17.03 version, recently I upgraded to 17.06 version using docker-machine upgrade command, after upgrading I see the server version is upgraded but the client version is still the old one.

how can I update the client version ?

The only way I found was to go to re-download Docker Toolbox. And install over the previous.


Version: 1.12.3
API version: 1.24
Go version: go1.6.3
Git commit: 6b644ec
Built: Wed Oct 26 23:26:11 2016
OS/Arch: windows/amd64


Version: 17.06.0-ce
API version: 1.30
Go version: go1.8.3
Git commit: 02c1d87
Built: Fri Jun 23 21:30:30 2017
OS/Arch: windows/amd64

i had the same issue. my issue was I had leftover docker.exe and dockerd.exe in C:\Program Files\docker and that was in my environment PATH.

anytime i ran docker version it would show Client: version: 13 Server: Version 18

I backed up the C:\Program Files\docker\docker.exe and deleted from that directory. then running docker version immediately showed matching version 18 for client and server. looks like client and server version should stay synced.

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I had the same issue, my docker client was different than docker engine . i did re-installation after deleting these said files.

Just star & watch the repo: