Docker commit not applying changes to new container

Hi all,

I’m running into an odd problem. We have a piece of software that cannot be installed by yum commands within the dockerfile.

So, I start with a base centos 6.6 image and mount the media for the install located on the host filesystem into the container and run the install from there from bash. The software is installed and functional at this point. I exit the container and do a docker commit

The committed container size is the same as the base centos 6.6 image, but the committed container has the destination directory of the software install, but no files in it.

This is really odd because I’ve installed software and committed to a new container before in this manner. I’ve tried on 2 docker hosts, one with 1.7 and another with 1.10

I would prefer to do an install on build, but the install media is 700MB and since you can’t volume mount during a build, well you know.

Any ideas?


I figured it out, I was exporting the destination directory of the software install in the original I guess commits ignore changes in directories that you set as a volume?