[new to docker] storage, in container configuration changes

I am a very old hand at Linux but new to Docker. Where does Docker store its files? The container file itself, I guess. How do I grow / shrink this file? I guess it’s growing automatically if so, where do I set limits? The other half of this topic is, if I want to change some setting inside the container, do I need to build another image?? My concern here is not disk space because I see docker commit storing only delta but am I going to end up with one image per config change? That’d be quite horrible.


I think you might benefit from reading the user guide a little more - as many of those questions are addressed there.

For example, docker commit isn’t the main way we make images, we use Dockerfiles more - http://docs.docker.com/userguide/dockerimages/#building-an-image-from-a-dockerfile

wrt where the image files are stored - they’re not stored as a vm-like single file, but rather Docker uses Linux bind-mounts to make chroot-like filesystems.