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Docker-compose and docker via ssh error

I’m trying to connect to docker daemon on the remote machine. So docker works just fine. I created an environment variable

$ export DOCKER_HOST=ssh://user@xx.xx.xx.xx

and simple commands like$ docker ps, $ docker run mysql:5.6 work fine.

But when I try to run docker-compose I’m getting an error: ERROR: Secsh channel 10 open FAILED: open failed: Administratively prohibited. I searched for this error in google and I know what it means, I tried to fix it by configuring my ssh server, but it didn’t help.

Is it just a docker-compose bug? I’m using RC version:

docker-compose version 1.24.0-rc1, build 0f3d4dda

just found a solution. tl;dr: set parameter MaxSessions 30 in your sshd config.

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