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Docker Compose through SSH failing and referring to

I’m done with configuring Dockerfile and Docker Compose for my deployment and whenever I test it on the local machine it is perform cool - everything loads properly.

But when I try to deploy using ssh, I’m getting this very strange error:

error during connect: Post "": write |1: broken pipe

Why does it try to post on Where is my mistake?
Docker-compose and docker are running properly on remote machine… So how to get rid of this strange exception?

What command are you using for that?

I’m using this: docker-compose up -d
I’ve added DOCKER_HOST variable to my environment variables, so it uses needed machine as I can see.

Just to be 100% sure, for others who may be able to help: so you’re running docker-compose up -d on your local machine to start the services on the remote machine? And all you’ve configured is DOCKER_HOST? Which, I assume, does not refer to, and the error message is really mentioning that domain?

Yus, exactly as you’ve said!