Docker-compose clone/push/pull

Hi folks,

today i want to share some thoughts about docker-compose.yml and its portability.

Docker images are portable. Why not docker-compose.yml? It would be awesome, storing a “project” or a “composable” in docker hub which can be pulled anywhere.

Most of the time i check in my docker-comse.yml with vcs like github and so on. But ideally i want to distribute my configurations as easy as my docker images.

“docker-compose push”
“docker-compose pull”

Maybe with some kind of “project-name” inside the docker-compose.

Combined with the docker-compose build options this would be even more helpful! (When docker-compose push would even push its related/built images)

Any opinions?


Yes. Even i was looking for workarounds to push docker-compose.yml to docker hub as a image.
Are you able to resolve it …?

docker app provided such a way. But I guess it never cought on, so it is marked deprecated now.


See more details: